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"The holistic Pilates studio is a really special and high quality community resource. Diana is a remarkable teacher, virtuosic in her field. All teachers are warm and able. There is no anti feminist weight loss rhetoric going on here, just an opportunity to do yourself a massive favor - get strong, focused and feel better in your life. As someone who has done lots of movement things in lots of places in the world - this is truly a good thing!"

 - Beth. S

"I love going to these classes, I always feel great when I leave.

All the instructors are friendly and professional and ensure everyone in the class is given useful feedback and assistance when required. The studio equipment is also very good and it's been nice and warm over the winter months. I would highly recommend this Pilates Studio."

- Jess. T

"Diana is a first class teacher with a strong focus on technique and caters to all levels."

- Danielle. B

"I never tried Pilates before, now I’m in love and look forward to every class. The classes are held in a very nurturing and caring environment. The instructors are very friendly and are there to assist you regardless of the class size. "

- Carolyn. J

"Being a dancer there is a high level of knowledge and expertise I require from a tutor of a class like this. Every tutor Diana has are amazing and have a wealth of knowledge. They are able to adjust the class to everyones specific needs, which means any class you go to you will be worked! Which of course I love. I would recommend this studio to anyone who is serious about having a more fit and toned body. It's definitely worth it, best class out!"

- Georgina. B

"A wonderful teacher technically and full of grace, elegance and patience, and a desire to take you higher and higher with your ability. I love it and the location is so beautiful."

- Kumbi. M

"My pilates sessions never fail to lift my spirits! I love my sessions with Diana and her team. My chronic neck and shoulder pain are thankfully now a distant memory."

- Lisa . B

"I've been going to the Pilates Studio for over three years now. I can say without hesitation that this is the best Pilates studio I have ever come across, and I was on the search for a long time. The classes are challenging but fun, and the instructors are incredibly nurturing, providing exercise progressions suitable for each participant's level. I honestly cannot recommend this studio, or Diana, enough". 


- Rachelle. A

"Diana and the team are wonderful. Diana always ensures that everyone gets the most out of every class. I moved away from the Brunswick area and missed Diana's Pilates. 18 months away I realised that there's no other place quite like it - I'm so happy to be back! Thanks Diana x"

- Eleanor. M

"I started taking classes at The Pilates Holistic Studio over a year ago because I struggle with lower back pain. The difference I feel when going to class regularly is astounding. Not only is my back pain pretty much gone, but I feel strong throughout my entire body now too. Diana is a fantastic instructor, she makes the class challenging, encourages you to push further and find that extra strength and at the same time is aware of what your body needs and makes sure you are doing the right thing for you. I always look forward to going to class. It’s empowering, a great environment and fun! "

- Nadia. N

"I always feel super comfortable at the classes, and can recommend pre/post natal classes highly!"

- Maggie. A

"This was my introduction to Pilates and I've been doing 2 classes a week since starting 16 months ago. Di is a thoughtful, focused instructor who knows when you need to be pushed! The other instructors are top-notch too."

- Chris. G


"I have huge respect for the way you teach, your devotion and attention to detail are phenomenal. You've made such a positive difference to my life."


- Alex. L

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