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Diana Soul leading a Pilates class in Citadel Co-Op, Crows Nest, Sydney



  Our teachings embody the traditional spirit of strength, vitality, balance & continual improvement of Pilates. Working the whole body thoroughly, from head to toe, in the way that founder Joseph Pilates had intended. Through a considered sequence of exercises and movement designed to build strength and flexibility, our classes provide participants a pathway to developing an in depth understanding of the body and mind, as well as the discipline over time. 











We are a boutique Pilates studio, led by certified instructor and studio director, Diana Soul. As a highly experienced teacher of Pilates and former ballet dancer, Diana offers her expertise in an intimate, nurturing and peaceful environment.

Our studio offers specialised programs that are tailored to meet our client’s needs and goals. We pride ourselves on the level of individual attention we give to each student, and the safe and precise manner in which we teach Pilates.

We cater for individuals of all ages and fitness levels seeking improved core and overall strength, from beginners without any prior training experience, to professional athletes and dancers in need of injury prevention and rehabilitation conditioning.

Pilates addresses the entire body as a whole system. It builds strength, balance, flexibility and a keen sense of body awareness. Regular training will result in the correction of any asymmetries and weaknesses, thereby minimising injuries and degenerative wear and tear on joints.

We also welcome pre and post natal clients wishing to maintain health and fitness during pregnancy, as well as those wanting to return to a toned and healthy body as soon as possible after giving birth.

At our studio, clients are shown how to focus their attention on their bodies in order to cultivate precise and healthy movement patterns and correct any poor postural habits.

We will take you through a challenging workout and also teach you techniques that can be applied to everyday life.


Our meticulous attention to detail along with our personalised approach means that you will reach your fitness goals quickly.

We adhere to a strict limit of people in each class to ensure that you have the full attention of the teacher every time you train with us.

We ensure that you will master correct form by incorporating fundamental exercises into each class,  challenging your body and mind with new exercises and props. 

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of Pilates tuition at all times.

We are dedicated to your Pilates experience.

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