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Diana Soul smiling in conversation with a client at Citadel Co-op, Crows Nest, Sydney

Diana is the founder of the Pilates Studio Holistic Training. Her background in Pilates, ballet and contemporary dance span over thirty years combined, with over a decade of experience teaching Pilates in studio and clinical settings. 

Coming from a competitive performance background Diana was in search of a method that would serve as an effective means for strengthening the body and mind. She started a daily Pilates practice and never looked back, it changed her life.


Diana's classes are delivered with detailed instruction; she is attentive, focussed and motivating in her approach, and she enjoys taking people on an in depth journey to better understanding their own body.

Having built a loyal clientele, Diana has worked with a wide range of people from professional athletes right through to those with complex rehabilitative needs. She ensures that every member is closely guided and is known for embracing the individual and their uniqueness. 

​In establishing The Pilates Studio Holistic Training, Diana set out to make Pilates accessible to as many people as possible; to help people to move better and feel better, creating positive change inside and out.  



“Diana’s precision, creativity and knowledge of the body is unparalleled."

- Kumbi. M



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