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  • What Are The Benefits Of Doing Pilates?
    Increased core strength in both lower back and abdominal region. ​ Toned abdominal, buttock, thigh and calf muscles. ​ A strong, lengthened spine with a healthy posture. ​ Increased flexibility. ​ Better body and breath awareness. ​ Improved focus and concentration. ​ Dramatically increased energy levels. ​ Decreased stress levels. ​ A slim, toned and graceful body that exudes vitality and confidence!
  • Why The Pilates Studio?
    When choosing a Pilates school and an instructor, you need to be certain that you are learning from someone who is fully certified, who pays close attention to your needs and who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg just to tone up your arms and legs! The Pilates Studio is run by passionate, highly experienced and fully certified teachers, who are committed to teaching Pilates in a safe and enjoyable way. We pride ourselves on paying close individual attention to our clients and encouraging their success.
  • What Do I Need To Bring?
    All you need is yourself, a sweat towel and a water bottle. It is recommended that you wear comfortable, preferably fitted, exercise clothing. You may workout barefoot or in socks. Our Studio uses high quality Pilates mats, which have been designed for the safety and comfort of your spine and joints. Our Airex Pro 180 mats are medical grade, antibacterial and latex free. We maintain hygiene by disinfecting our mats with an organic, chemical free antibacterial cleanser after every session. We also provide a wide range of Pilates props to increase the variety and challenge of each session.
  • How Will My Personal Needs Be Met In A group Class?
    We ask all new clients to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that involves you telling us what your previous exercise experience is, and what your goals are. We then incorporate this information into each of our classes, which we specifically tailor to your needs! If you are facing a specific challenge, or simply want to fast-track your results for a special event such as a wedding, you can also book in for some private or small group sessions.
  • Will I Lose Weight? Will I Get A Cardio Workout?
    You will definitely lose unwanted weight! Some Pilates exercises do get your heart rate up and you will most definitely work up a sweat. The main focus of Pilates however is to strengthen and tone your muscles in a safe and controlled way. This newly toned muscle is what results in significant amounts of fat loss. Don't forget that food choices play a big part in weight management too
  • Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy for Classes
    CANCELLATION POLICY ​ ​ CLASS PACK AND CASUAL CLASS POLICY Cancellations made more than 4 hours before class will result in no penalty. Cancellations made less than 4 hours before class will result in a forfeit of the session. No-Shows will result in a forfeit of the session. ​ You can early cancel your classes via our app, by email, or by phone. ​ We understand that sometimes late cancellations and no shows are unavoidable. Our goal is to give every guest the best possible experience and we will use discretion when applying our policy. Please email us if necessary. To avoid accidentally being marked absent for a class, please always check-in with your teacher or a front of house staff member before every class. We kindly ask you to arrive at the studio on time (ideally 5-10 minutes early). If you are late for class we are unable to ensure your spot will be held. WAITLIST INFORMATION If you are not receiving waitlist confirmation texts or emails please update your account or let us know and we can do it for you. This way you will always be notified when you come off a waitlist. Please always confirm your attendance where possible.
  • How Do I Book A Class?
    The first step is to create an account through our booking system, either on your smart phone or via the MindBody or The Pilates Studio Holistic Training website. You can create an account by clicking Login | Register
  • Which Classes Can I Take if I Am Pregnant?
    We recommend our pre-natal pilates classes for all pregnant participants, but it is important to consult your doctor prior to practicing pilates. ​ Our General and Mellow classes can also be enjoyed during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Please note these classes are not specifically tailored to pregnant clients and you should speak with your health professional before attending. Please notify the fitness instructors if you are pregnant so they can modify movements for you when required. ​ For more information on our Pre and Post Natal classes and requirements please click here.
  • Do You Have An Age Limit?
    We welcome guests of all ages. All students under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a guardian or parent.
  • What Style of Pilates Do You Offer?
    GENERAL A moderate pace class suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced. DYNAMIC A class suitable for intermediate and advanced. ​ NATAL A class tailored to the specific requirements of pregnant and post natal participants. In all classes participants will receive individual feedback and corrections.
  • How Do I Purchase a Gift Card?
    There are two ways you can purchase a gift card: 1. Through Your Mindbody Account: Through your Mindbody account you can purchase an instant Gift Card. You can select from generic templates for any occasion. Simply log in to your account and select online store, followed by gift cards. 2. Alternatively, you can arrange a personalised Gift Card with our unique The Pilates Studio Holistic Training branding. Personalised Gift Cards are arranged by email. For more information on Personalised Gift Cards click here.
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