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Rebecca Divjak


As a highly experienced instructor, Rebecca has a wealth of knowledge in both studio and clinical settings, where she has worked with a broad range of clients with diverse needs. Her classes will both nurture and challenge you whilst working towards added mobility, stability and strength of the entire body. Whilst focus and precision will be asked of you, playfulness is not forgotten!

"My body feels aligned and my core and stamina have strengthened after only a few sessions. Rebecca is a brilliant teacher who helps me make the adjustments I need to get the most out of each exercise."

- Jo-Ann

What Rebecca loves most about Pilates...

"Pilates builds balance, grace, fluidity and lean muscle. The resistance loads are such that they build toned muscle without bulk. The goal is to have a well-conditioned powerhouse or core to support the musculature, to have well-proportioned musculature to support efficient posture and movement and to develop the Pilates principles so that they transcend beyond the studio into the rest of your life..."

- Rebecca Divjak

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